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 Annual Conference

‘Non-Medical Prescribing – 2021 & the Road to Recovery’

Thursday 11th November 2021

This will be a virtual event giving the latest best practice and policy for all
organisations as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Effective Nurse Prescribing In Cardiology

FRIDAY 14 MAY 2021


This important national conference provides essential updates for current and aspiring nurse prescribers in cardiology and cardiovascular care. Through national updates and practical case studies you will hear from expert speakers on how to develop and maintain prescribing competence and how to develop effectiveness in post qualification practice. The conference will include extended sessions focusing on developing your skills in nurse prescribing practice as well as case study sessions from specialist speakers in the areas of nurse/non medical prescribing in the management of arrhythmias, nurse prescribing for heart failure and end of life care, prescribing within a rapid access chest pain clinic, prescribing in cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular disease. The conference will also reflect on the impact of Covid-19 and consider the impact on prescribing and medication in patients with cardiovascular disease.

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Developing Your Role as a Designated Prescribing Practitioner



This conference will provide delegates with an update on implementing the new RPS Competency Framework for Designated Prescribing Practitioners. Through National updates, expert sessions and practical case studies this conference will support you to develop or expand your role as a Designated Prescribing Practitioner, and support the development of effective non medical prescribing across your service.

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Non-Medical Prescribing in Cancer Care



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This conference focuses on non-medical prescribing in cancer care. Through national updates and practical case studies the conference will demonstrate how the effective use of non-medical prescribing in cancer care can improve patient care, experience and outcomes.

The conference will focus on developing competence and confidence in non-medical prescribing in cancer care, including using the using the National Competency Framework for all Prescribers. Case study sessions will demonstrate how prescribing practice can be improve care for people with cancer and will focus on maintaining and demonstrating prescribing competence, prescribing for pain management,  chemotherapy prescribing, immunotherapy induced side effects and how to manage them,  prescribing for co-morbidity and the importance of holistic assessment, prescribing for symptom control, and prescribing in end life care including controlled drugs.

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Controlled Drugs: Ensuring the Safer Management, Diversion & Abuse, Prescribing and Use



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The National Controlled Drugs Virtual Conference focuses ensuring the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs: Diversion & Abuse, Prescribing and Use. Aimed at Controlled Drugs Accountable Officers, Pharmacists, Police Controlled Drugs Liaison Officers, and Prescribers the conference will update you on current national developments, including issues arising with the supply and prescription of controlled drugs during COVID-19 and preparing for the potential implementation of Controlled drug legislation which has been enabled to “switch on” flexibilities for the supply of controlled drugs during a pandemic. These flexibilities have not been activated at this time. The conference will also discuss controls for opioids, and improve practice learning from case studies.

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A Practical Guide to Best Practice Symptom Control & Management in End of Life Care



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It is widely recognised that pain and symptom control at the end of life is not always optimal, this conference focuses on symptom control and management in end of life care – supporting you to deliver best practice in managing both common and difficult to control experienced symptoms to maintain the person’s comfort and dignity without causing unacceptable side effects. The conference will focus on both pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods of symptom management and also discuss symptom control for patients at the end of life with Covid-19.

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A Practical Guide to Effective Nurse Prescribing in Mental Health



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This conference will look at national developments in nurse prescribing in mental health, improving and maintaining prescribing competence and the use of the national prescribing competency framework in mental health. Extended sessions will focus on developing your skills as an effective nurse prescriber and case studies will demonstrate established practice in nurse prescribing on acute inpatient wards, for dual diagnosis, early intervention in psychosis, forensic mental health, learning disabilities and physical health monitoring.

The conference will also look at developing nurse prescribing including auditing your prescribing practice, deprescribing, involving people in prescribing decisions, prescribing decision making and supporting the expansion of nurse prescribing practice in mental health.

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https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/nurse-prescribing-in-mental-health or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk

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Developing the Role of the Nursing Associate



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This conference will update delegates on developing the role of the Nursing Associate – understanding the elements of the role, and how the role is being delivered in practice. Through a national update from Gary Kirwan, National Officer, The Royal College of Nursing, case studies from acute trusts, primary care and mental health, and perspectives from Nursing Associates the conference will look at the developing role, regulation of the role, accountability, support and practice development, competence and how you can prepare for the introduction of the role in your service.

The conference will also discuss implementing the Guidance on Medicines Management and the Nursing Associate and the NMC Standards of Proficiency for Nurse Associates. The conference will help you to support Nursing Associates following the recent independent evaluation of the role which found some trainees reported that their colleagues had struggled to provide them with learning support at times due to workforce challenges and limited understanding of the role.

https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/developing-the-role-of-the-nursing-associate or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk

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