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Antimicrobial Stewardship

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted multiple areas in which competence in antimicrobial stewardship (i.e. the safe and effective use of antibiotics) by nurses can support response efforts. Although nurses perform numerous functions critical to the success of antimicrobial stewardship, and Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards highlight that nurses should be equipped with knowledge and skills in this area, there is a lack of engagement by nurses in antimicrobial stewardship activities.

An international group of researchers are undertaking some research to explore what factors influence this engagement.

The research (which has been approved by the School of Healthcare Sciences Research Ethics Committee, Cardiff University), involves an online questionnaire survey to be completed by front-line patient facing nurses. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. If you would like to complete the survey, you can do so by clicking on the link below:


Review of Independent Prescribing in the South of England

We are pleased to share the report below completed by our very own committee member Sally Jarmain, NMP Lead for Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust. Sally completed the report whilst on a Health Education England Clinical Fellowship.

The Independent Prescribing Review Project was commissioned to investigate how NMP training is accessed across the South of England, including procurement by Health Education England with an aim of reducing unwarranted variation.

Please send any comments or questions to admin@associationforprescribers.org.uk

Review of Independent Prescribing in the South of England – For circulation

Appendix 1 Project Reports

HEIs approach to NMP education (003)

NMPs experience of NMP education_ (003)

Employers approach to NMP education (003)


Prescribing Diploma Course

It has been brought to the AFP committee’s attention that a Prescribing Diploma Course is being offered on ‘Wowcher’ for £9.00.

The committee has further looked into this with great concern with regards to protecting the public and the risk it poses for prescribing.  It has now been passed onto the NMC and the HCPC and is being dealt with as a matter of urgency. We would like to thank also our AFP members for bringing this to our attention.


Preparing to Prescribe’ an online implementation tool kit for non-medical prescribers

I am pleased to advise that ‘Preparing to Prescribe’, online implementation tool kit has been updated and is now hosted on a different website and can be accessed by clicking on the logo below:

Over 700 people have visited the tool kit, and we have received some very positive feedback from NMP course providers, NMP leads and healthcare professionals.

‘..a useful addition to the pre course information that can be accessed by our potential students.. we have added weblink to the tool kit on the admissions page for our prescribing programme’  (HEI lead)

 ‘potential applicants asked complete it before I arrange this initial visit., answer queries and saves time, when applicants complete the toolkit and realise they do not meet one of the basic entry criteria’ (NMP lead)

 ‘ the best part  was the link to the example maths questions as it’s been a while since I have done maths and it was good to see what level I would need. I also liked the part at the beginning that made sure that you fitted the criteria by going through it step by step’ (AHP)

We hope that you continue to find it a useful resource and continue to direct future potential NMP applicants to using it as part of their application process,  and would be grateful if you could forward it on to relevant contacts.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or contacts who may also be interested in using this resource.

If you have any questions about the toolkit and or  feedback on its’ content please contact me @  n.carey@surrey.ac.uk

Kind regards

Dr Nicola Carey

Reader in Long Term Conditions

University of Surrey