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NMC Prescribing Standards Launched May 2018

Prescribing Standards 2018

Royal College of Nursing Standards

Prescribing in Pregnancy: the role of Independent and Supplementary Nurse Prescribers

Royal College of Nursing – Prescribing in Pregnancy

registration required. “Search our unique index of authoritative, evidence-based information from hundreds of trustworthy and accredited sources” The BNF and BNFc can be accessed free, directly from this site, without the need to register.

Numeracy learning and assessment site, registration required.

Free to access e-learning programmes on medicines including: antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, corticosteroids, opioids, oral anticoagulants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

report an adverse drug reaction to the Yellow Card Scheme

E-learning about ADRs. A little out of date (e.g. ADRs in children are now reported in the same way as for adults) but nothing is incorrect and the information is still useful.

Patient information leaflets and Summaries of Product Characteristics

e-learning programme from CPPE, using the online BNF

National Prescribing Centre prescribing competency framework

e-learning for health. If you are a practice nurse you should already be registered in order to complete mandatory NHS training

Antibiotic Guardian Scheme promotes good antibiotic stewardship including provision of e-learning resources

Opioids Aware: A resource for patients and healthcare professionals to support prescribing of opioid medicines for pain

Frailty is now regarded as a long term condition. See this website for more information.

Suite of e-learning programmes including type 1 diabetes, obesity. Acute kidney injury etc

Excellent free modules from NHS Education Scotland

Electronic Prescription Analysis and CosT (ePACT) data is accessible by pharmaceutical and prescribing advisors to obtain and analyse prescribing data from FP10 prescribing. Speak to your practice pharmacist about assessing and using this data to reflect on your practice.

CPPE Medicines Safety< app and Medicines Quiz app Download free from the App Store or Google Play.

Local medicines formulary
A must-see for all prescribers to inform prescribing practice