MedicinesComplete makes it easy for healthcare professionals to access essential medicines information at the point of care. Providing trusted evidence-based knowledge for confident decision-making and effective patient care.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about a 14-day complimentary trial to essential resources through MedicinesComplete, to support healthcare professionals with confident decision-making and effective patient care.

Essential resources include: British National Formulary and BNF for Children, Stockley’s Drug Interactions, Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, Palliative Care Formulary, and the newly launched Critical Illness.

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MedicinesComplete supports your ability to:

Make quick and confident decisions about the safe and effective use of medicines
Minimise medication errors utilising our wealth of information, from interactions and adverse effects to administration and dosing guidance
Effectively manage different complex patient groups, from neonates through to those who are at the end-of-life or in critical care

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