This toolkit takes you on a step-by-step basis through the requirements you need to meet before you register on a non-medical prescribing programme (NMP) in the UK. The requirements are the same whether you are self-employed or work in private practice. This tool kit offers advice and signposting to resources that can support you in this process.
Over 700 people have visited the tool kit, and we have received some very positive feedback from NMP course providers, NMP leads and healthcare professionals.

‘a useful addition to the pre course information that can be accessed by our potential students… we have added weblink to the tool kit on the admissions page for our prescribing programme’  (HEI lead)

potential applicants asked complete it before I arrange this initial visit., answer queries and saves time, when applicants complete the toolkit and realise they do not meet one of the basic entry criteria’ (NMP lead)

‘ the best part  was the link to the example maths questions as it’s been a while since I have done maths and it was good to see what level I would need. I also liked the part at the beginning that made sure that you fitted the criteria by going through it step by step’ (AHP)

We hope that you continue to find it a useful resource and continue to direct future potential NMP applicants to using it as part of their application process, and would be grateful if you could forward it on to relevant contacts.

We would love to hear your feedback and provide space for this at the end of the tool.

Dr Nicola Carey and Dr Karen Stenner, University of Surrey

Preparing to Prescribe – Surrey Toolkits